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Stay in Control

of Your Renovation Projects


Working with Us

We Ensure Your Project Stays on Time and on Budget

Are you planning to renovate or coordinate a home renovation project but are missing some of the pieces in the puzzle?

At Rescue My Reno, we help you stay in control of the scope of your project while making sure that you are keeping trades accountable and ensuring your project stays on time and on budget.

When working with us, you'll find out if your plan is detailed enough to start without taking one step forward, two steps back.

ensuring your project stays on time and on budget

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We help you stay in control of the scope of your project.

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What actually makes up a project budget?

Sub-contractor Invoices +
Messy Realities of Running a Project

= Project Total

Let us help you finish on time and on budget while improving the quality of your work.

Pricing Table

Service Offered
Talk It Through
You Got This
Build The Plan
Get It All
Knowing Someone is There to Help You Succeed
Welcome Package
Schedule Template
Budget Template
1 x 30min Call With a PRO
Tips to Talk Like a PRO
Expose Gaps Inbetween Trades
Tips to Think and See Like a Pro
4 x 15min Call with a Pro
Interactive Budget and Schedule Template
1 x 30min Video call with a PRO
Review Trade Quotes
Customized Project Schedule
Project Budget Review
Review Plans for Compliance
Templated Permit Package
Close Quality Gaps Inbetween Trades
Weekly Check In With a PRO
Personalized Support Chat with PRO
Assist with Permit Applications
Advise on local bylaws
Optimize Your Building Plans
Advise on Inspections
Advise on Safety Codes and Compliance
Access to preferred trades contact list customized to your project
Access to Building Material Discounts
Project Design and Planning
1 Hour Site Visit***
Access to portfolio of best practices customized to your project
Additional Support Calls
* All pricing is based in CAD.
** Minimum Cost of package, price increases with size of project, Contact for pricing.
*** Available only within defined service areas.

Roles of a General Contractor

The below items are roles typically performed by a Designer and General Contractors that you will be taking on when you coordinate your own project. Many of these require experience and industry knowledge that you can access by subscribing to one of our Rescue My Reno Packages at a reduced rate.

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Project Administration
Contractor Discounts
Create Scope of Work
Permits required for Project
Optimize Order of Contractors 
Project Planning
Pre-construction Planning
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Daytime Site Access
Experienced Opinions
Job Site Cleaning
Site Labourer
Support Municipal Inspections
Negotiations with Contractors
Procurement of Supplies
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Manage Risk
Contractor Conflict Mediation
Quality Control
Site Safety for Homeowners
Codes & Compliance
Insurance Requirements

DIY General Contractor Questions

All these questions and more will be answered when you hire Rescue My Reno.

Let us help you prepare for the messy details that come between the transitions on your job site.

Help! We have a problem...

What happens when a subcontractor doesn't fulfil their full responsibility or damages something?

We can have those hard conversations as your professional mediator. Let us handle being the bad cop in the good/bad cop game while managing your trades. Maybe you are questioning whether or not you did something to contribute to the problem. We can help mediate this situation so you can keep enjoying the project.

(403) 333-4955

Contact us about purchasing one of our Rescue My Reno packages and build with confidence today
Let us help you keep control of your project, finish on time and improve your result